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Sushi Bar Appetizer
Avocado Salad
shrimp, crabmeat, avocado mixed with special dressing
Cold Wakame Salad
marinated japanese seaweed
Spicy Conch Or Octopus
served on cucumber in spicy sauce
crab rolled in cucumber w/masago, avocado in rice vinegar
conch, octopus, crab in tangy rice vinegar
Tuna Yukke
fresh tuna served in spicy sauce
seaweed, octopus and cucumber with vinegar sauce
Crab Salad
crab on chopped cucumber served with vinegar sauce
broiled eel, cucumber and seaweed with vinegar sauce
Sushi-Sashimi Combo
Served with Soup or Salad • $1.00; extra for Brown Rice
Mini Single - For Ladies
california roll, 6 pcs, of shushi, 6 pcs of sashimi
Single Boat - For One
california roll, 7 pcs, of sushi, 12 pcs, of sashimi
Double Boat - For Two
Boat Chu - For Three
Boat Dal - For Four
Sushi Combo Plates
Served with Soup or Salad • $100; extra for Brown Rice
Hoso MakI Combo
california, takka, jb roll
Vegetable Combo
vegetable roll, kappa roll, 4 pcs. veggie sushi
Lady Finger
rainbow roll and 5 pcs. sushi
Temaki Combo
4 pcs. handrolled california, tekka, Eel, salmon skin
bowl of seasoned rice topped with assorted filets of fresh raw fish
Tekka Don
bowl of seasoned rice topped with fresh filets of tuna
Rolling Stones
california roll, tekka and kappa roll combo
Unagi Don
boiled eel served on top of a bowl of rice
Sushi Mori (A)
10 pcs. sushi, california roll
Sushi Mori (B)
a perfect portion for coupies california roll, jb roll, 18 pcs. sushi
Sashimi Appetizers
Sashimi Appetizers
assorted fresh raw fish of the day
Tuna Appetizer
6 pcs. of fresh tuna
the thinnest slices of fresh raw fish (your choice)
Mixed Sashimi
12 pcs. of assorted filets of raw fish
Special Sashimi
16 pcs. filets of raw fish w/conch and octopus
Tuna Tataki
seared tuna served with ponzu sauce
Sushi Rolls
Add $1.00; for Brown Rice
California Roll
avocado and crabmeat
California Roll W/Masago
avocado, crabmeat, smelt roe, sesame seeds
Bagel Roll
salmon and creamcheese
Beauty & The Beast
half tuna and half eel with veggies
Crazy Roll
salmon skin, eel, asparagus, avocado, scallion and masago
Daimyo Roll
tuna, avocado, cucumber & crabmeat
Ebisu Roll
shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and smelt eggs with special sauce

Dragon Roll
shrimp tempura, creamcheese, topped with avocado, masago and eel sauce

Dainamaito Roll
crab, masago, shrimp and mayo
Deep Fried Bagel
salmon and creamcheese
Captian Crunch Roll
bread deep fried salmon & creamcheese
Vegetable Roll
avocado, carrot and cucumber
Red Roll
california roll w/tuna on top
Rainbow Roll
assorted raw fish on top of california roll
American Dream Roll
shrimp tempura, fried conch fritter, scallion, topped with avocado, eel sauce and sesame seeds
Atlantic Roll Fried
white fish, smelt eggs, avocado and crabmeat
Salmon Tempura Roll
salmon, masago crab, scallion, asparagus, carrot, deep fried and served with eel sauce
Scarlett Roll
tuna, avocado and scallion in masago
Spider Roll
soft shell crab, lettuce, avocado, smelt eggs with special sauce
China Roll
shrimp, crab, salmon, eel, scallion and mayo
Futomaki Roll
egg kapyo, cucumber and crabmeat
Asian Fusion Roll
baked salmon, creamcheese, mayo, scallion, avocado, crab, eel sauce and sesame seed
Summer Roll
salmon, crab, creamcheese, asparagus, masago wrapped with paper thin cucumber in ponzu sauce

French Roll
shrimp, crab, creamcheese, avocado, cucumber and masago

Volcano Roll
crab, salmon, creamcheese, topped with conch, mayo, masago with spicy volcano sauce
Rockin Roll
eel on top of california roll